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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

“(…) The solution to our problems in language teaching lies not in expensive equipment, exotic methods, sophisticated linguistic analyses, or new laboratories, but in full utilization of what we already have, speakers of the languages using them for real communication.” (Stephen Krashen, 1982).


Aimed at English teachers of primary and secondary levels, teachers of language centers and other professionals interested in venturing into the teaching of this foreign language (academic coordinators, pedagogical assistants, curricular specialists, etc.).

Important notice: The program will be taught entirely in the English language. Therefore, it is required that the participant has at least a Level B1 based on the Common European Framework, which allows him to actively participate in all activities.

16 sessions
** 112 hours (42 teaching hours / 70 asynchronous hours) 15 weeks
*** from 10:45am - 1:00pm

About the program

The current globalized world requires communication between citizens of different countries and cultures. In this context, the English language is considered the lingua franca that enables such interaction, so its mastery has a positive impact on people's academic, professional and social life. In light of this, the development of communicative competence in English becomes essential in the process of forming citizens of the 21st century.
This program seeks to strengthen the participants’ competences to design and implement learning experiences that stimulate the development of communicative competence in English as a foreign language. For this, the course offers deep understanding of the communicative approach and its implications in the teaching of languages, the implementation of innovative, integrating and effective didactic strategies; and reflection on the participants' own pedagogical practices and conceptions.



the main foundations of the communicative approach in the English language classroom.


on the objectives of different teaching strategies, when to use them, and how they align with the communicative approach.


learning experiences for the English area, considering the context of the students and including innovative and relevant teaching strategies.


learning sessions identifying their main achievements and opportunities for improvement.


Module I: Communicative approach

o Principles
o Methodologies that respond to the approach
o Contrast with other approaches

Module II: Effective Teaching Strategies

o Receptive skills: Reading and Listening
o Productive Skills: Writing and Speaking
o Grammar and Vocabulary

Path to a successful learning experience

This is a 128-hour long virtual program, with 64 hours taught in live synchronous sessions and 64 asynchronous hours of individual and collaborative work on the ITS learning platform. You are expected to participate actively and diligently, and to deliver the work within the preestablished due dates. To make the most of your experience, we suggest that you allocate a minimum of 6 hours of work per week, between synchronous sessions and asynchronous activities.

Live synchronous sessions

They enable the live interact with your teachers and colleagues through the ITS virtual classroom. Different activites such as discussions of relevant conceptual frameworks and readings; analysis of cases, didactic strategies and student productions; and, debates and reflections on one's own beliefs and professional practices are carried out.

Asynchronous activities

They include the review and analysis of readings and videos, involvement in virtual forums, and the development of individual or collaborative activities and / or projects.


Participants who comply with the attendance and pass the evaluation of the course will receive a certificate issued by Innova Teaching School indicating the name of the course and the corresponding number of hours. The certificate will be issued within 20 business days after the end of the course.


Arturo Bravo Romero

Former Coordinator of the English area at the Innova Schools Network

Degree in Education from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) with postgraduate studies in Curriculum Management from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH). Holder of the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) by Cambridge University with more than 12 years of experience as an ELT teacher in school classrooms and language institutes as well as a pedagogical coach in the education field. He is currently leading the implementation of Project-Based Learning at Innova Schools Perú.

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